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Honda Gold Wing 1800 Trunk Support System
Tired of seeing the damage to your Gold Wing trunk and trunk lid?

I was also very disappointed with the chafing and damage I experience on the trunk lid of
my 2006 Gold Wing, so I decided to do something about it.  First I visited my local Honda
dealer, who was aware of the problem, but had no permanent  fix for the problem.  After
searching for a good fix and not feeling good about trying to insert tubing inside the gasket
or concerned that installing the small bumpers on the gasket mating surface could
damage the gasket or cause the trunk to crack from the holes required for installation, I
developed a trunk support system that is easily adjustable and has greatly reduced the
wear I had been previously experiencing on my trunk and trunk lid. There are a number of
different methods of reducing the chafing, but no product available actually provides
adjustable support for the trunk lid. Other Gold Wing owners that have installed this trunk
support system have commented that it looks like a factory designed component with the
form and fit that Honda should have provided in the first place. By properly supporting the
trunk lid, the trunk closes more soundly and virtually eliminates the rattling typically heard
from an improperly supported trunk .
Now Powder Coated  for a more durable finish.
System works on all Honda GL1800's 2001 thru 2017.
Stops the problem of the trunk lid rubbing on the tail lights when pressure is applied
to the trunk and reduces or stops the trunk from rattling.
Contact us if you would like more information about the Trunk Support System.
How Honda Goldwing 1800 owners can benefit from this system.

I have tested the Kury luggage rack, which has a manufactures recommended weight limit
of 5 lbs, with over 10 lbs and have had no additional damage or wear on my trunk lid, which I
had previously experienced with 5 lbs or less prior to installing this trunk support system.
This trunk support system will benefit all GL1800 owners by reducing the wear that typically
occurs around the inside edges of the trunk. Whether you have a luggage rack, spoiler, or
nothing at all mounted on your trunk lid, you will benefit from this trunk lid support system.
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Adjustable Trunk Lid Support
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